Double Breasted V Single Button: How To Work Out What's Right For You

Double Breasted V Single Button: How To Work Out What's Right For You

Which one is better: double-breasted suits vs single-breasted suits? This old debate starts all over again every time a designer launches his/her new collection of suits. The single-breasted suit jackets are sleek, modern and stylish, whereas the double-breasted ones are classic, vintage and elegant. People wear what they like and there is no certain rule regarding this, but let’s look into the details which make these two different from each other.


What does double-breasted mean?


The double-breasted suit jacket is different from single breasted suit jacket in many ways, which are discussed below:

  • Modern double-breasted jackets are narrow at the waist and are usually longer than the single-breasted The single-breasted jackets have a slimming down too.
  • Double-breasted jackets focus more attention at the top while single breasted jackets allow an even expansion of attention at all points.
  • Double breasted suits come with many buttons (4-6 usually) while the single-breasted suits have 2 button fastenings usually.


How many jacket buttons? 2, 4 or 6 buttons?

We are going to make it really easy:

  • 2 buttons: this is a risky choice. Very related to tuxedo jackets, lately. Maybe you have seen some celebrities wearing it. Choose it if you have it really clear that this is the option you want.
  • 4 buttons: standard choice. No mistake possible with this one. The classic double-breasted jacket.
  • 6 buttons: the bold option. Also standard as 4 buttons jacket but it will let your buttons choice stand out. Especially if you choose brass buttons.

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