Our Story

At Sii Capo we create a unique stand out fashion line for that bold sleek individual. Our founder recognized a style and a passion to want to wear a statement in the men’s fashion suit line that was electric, sharp and unordinary. Cutting edge design and fabric selections would see this develop into a market set for the Australian industry. With his European heritage, breaking into this style of everyday men’s wear would be a future fit for the bold gentlemen.

Our vision steams from our name Sii Capo, Italian for ‘Be Boss’. A passion to create and select the aspirational fashion pieces that stand out!

A bold fashion line that is easily accessible online and locally by appointment. A unique yet sophisticated product range fulfilling an easy to acquire stand out men’s fashionable items. We are passionate, driven and committed to holding a position as a leading men’s fashion designer in Australia and worldwide by selecting a style range and an improved fit of items like no other.


Sii Capo Capri